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WARM is a non-profit organization, dedicated to reuniting families separated by adoption. We serve adoptees, birth families and adoptive parents. We provide information, referral, support, and search services.

If you were born or adopted in the State of Washington, but do not have identifying information (i.e. the person's name), WARM can obtain legal access to sealed records through WARM's confidential intermediary service.

If you are a Washington State adoptee who has identifying information about the person sought, WARM can search for and discreetly contact the family member.

If you have completed your own search and want confirmation of the results and a neutral third party to make contact, WARM can assist with that as well.

WARM's confidential intermediaries (CIs) have completed their own personal searches, are highly trained and abide by WARM's policy and code of ethics. The CI will search, locate and contact the person sought. A signed consent form MUST be obtained before identifying information may be exchanged.

“Under the confidential intermediary procedure, the (birth) parent is simply asked and more than 90% of them answer that...they just want to meet their child. Almost all these contacts have been successful, resulting in many warm, new relationships which do not harm the relationship with the adoptive parents.”-Norman B. Ackley, King County Superior Court Judge, June, 1979

WARM can search in all states for those with documented identifying information. If you do not have identifying information, and were not born or adopted in the State of Washington, we can refer you to search services in the appropriate state.

WARM also participates in and sponsors events to promote public awareness of the complexities related to the life-long issues surrounding adoption. WARM has a large reference library, speakers' bureau and nationwide referrals. WARM stays informed on the constantly changing developments in adoption, both in law, policy formation and implementation. WARM supports legislation that will positively impact families affected by adoption. WARM's policies, procedures and structure have served as a model for dealing with adoption issues in the other states and Canada.

WARM has strong ties with the professional adoption community and is pleased to be affiliated with the following organizations: