“Encountering Family Again”

Excerpt from Hosffman Ospino’s “Reflection – Encountering the Family Again”

“The year 2020 will be remembered for generations as the year when the world stood still. Literally. our fast-paced lives and the frenzy of our interconnected reality came to a halt as nations and continents faced a global pandemic.” – “How ironic that a virus had to send us back to that space where life begins and where we usually experience love at its best: Home. Crises often bring suffering, loss, and disorientation. They also carry embedded blessings. For many, encountering families again was a blessing.” (emphasis mine)

This year we have helped with a record number of DNA searches/reunions. Not only did people finally have time to focus on a long-awaited journey of genealogy, I believe many also realized that life is uncertain, so wanted to do this important work now while they could, not only for themselves, but their extended family.

Here at WARM, we hope everyone reading this has taken that first step, or will now, with resolve – not as forgettable New Year’s resolution, but a promise. Discover your story. Encounter family again.